bill kipp

Bill Kipp

About the Founder: Historically my bio’s speak to my experience as a former US Marine Special Operator who developed a self protection/empowerment training that was successfully scaled in 17 countries and 5 continents. This system won the industry’s highest awards and collectively my Team and I have trained over a million men, women, and children to confidently take control of their lives. This training has also been taught at the organizational levels at Lockheed Martin, MCI, Lucent Technology, US Military, and more.


But what really qualifies me for this training is this: After a long rewarding career and life of world travel and adventure, life threw me a barrage of challenges that took me out at the knees. In short order, I lost both my parents, a very dear friend/student to suicide, a beautiful horse ranch, and a beloved puppy. It was one big ongoing country western song and if I had owned a truck, no doubt it would have met with a horrible demise.


The final straw that took me out was an attempted hostile takeover by my best friend and business partner of my life’s work of 30 years. This violation by my most trusted ally was so deep, I totally disconnected. I ran, not walked away from my company, from all my loyal friends/teammates and armored up, vowing never to be violated like this again. I closed my heart like locking a vault, thinking I was protecting my heart. I didn’t realize then that closing one’s heart never protects it at all, and actually makes the heart weaker. Always.


Over time I could literally feel my heart lose strength. Not just physically as a ticker, but my resiliency to handle life’s challenges became diminished. Those simple decisions and stressors that come up every day became huge obstacles in my disconnected disempowered state. So I armored up even more. My mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual states all took serious hits. The passion and vibrancy that had long powered me was no longer there, and life became very grey. My heart was closed, disconnected, and weak. I became a shadow of the person I once was.


Finally, it was a new puppy that brought me back. This little girl’s zest for life was absolutely contagious, and she persistently opened my heart despite my now hardwired efforts to close. I would wake up to the usual greyness that had become my norm, and this little fireball would have me laughing and smiling in no time. I soon saw just how closed and protected I had become. (My new trigger to reopen my heart was love for my puppy. We all have someone/thing/place that opens our heart. Finding your particular person/place/thing that opens your heart is an important part of the STRONGHEART process).


As I endeavored to stay open hearted, I saw with new clarity how we are all conditioned in different ways to close or protect our hearts. To disconnect. Yet we humans are hard wired for connection. Disconnecting from our heart disconnects us from our power and from each other. And despite being in the “age of communication”, we are more disconnected than ever. The main goal of STRONGHEART is to help us reconnect, to plug back in to our power so we can fully plug in to life. Every time we connect to our power and turn in to face a challenge, our hearts grow stronger. This allows us confidence to face ever greater challenges. And every time we open heartedly connect with another person, with nature, God, and with our power, the world becomes a better place. Now my new life's purpose has become crystal clear. To help open as many hearts on this earth as possible.

The world needs open hearted connection now more than ever.
The world needs more Strong Hearts