Unleash Your Personal Power Seminars

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Plug Into Your Power, Plug Into Life. In Just 3 Hours?
NO Way one might say.
"WAY" We Say.
and we guarantee it 100%...

Why spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon inside with a strange group of people playing some crazy STRONGHEART Challenges? Well, at the very least you will have a boatload of fun and learn some very cool life skills that will likely greatly enhance your quality of life. But it may just grab you full on and you could walk out transformed in ways you never have imagined.
How The STRONGHEART Challenges work and why we use them:
STRONGHEART Challenges are meant to do one primary job: To help you fully connect with your power. Each Challenge is an interactive adventure into human behavior that connects your personal power to real life challenges and real life solutions. You will have a blast while locking in important relevant life skills. Skills that can greatly enhance your quality of life.

“Everytime someone connects with their power, there is a positive fundamental shift in their confidence and self esteem. STRONGHEART Challenges set people up for success to experience their power in a profound way that carries over to all walks of life. It’s a whole lot of fun and you may leave the class with some new friends for life. It’s that powerful of a journey.”
Bill Kipp - Founder

Disconnected from Power Attributes: Fear, insecurity, jealousy, worry, resentment, excuses, procrastination, inability to deal with conflict, lack of appropriate boundaries, unhappy, unfulfilled, frustrated, hyper alert, overwhelmed, angry, vindictive
Connected to Power Attributes: Joy, enthusiasm, peace, harmony, grace, integrity, centered, strong, balanced, insightful, fulfilled, energetic, empathy, sets appropriate boundaries, happy, excited, supportive, open, grateful, bold, daring, adventurous

Benefits - Empowered conflict resolution - boundary setting  - personal safety - optimal performance - trigger management - stress management - breathe control - protect your space - find your turbo-charge - Thrive, not just survive in life.

Are you ready to fully connect with your Power? If so please contact me personally with any questions.
Warmest regards,
Bill Kipp
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